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Keep up to date with me and my fight for true justice.

Keep up to date with me and my fight for true justice.

Maxwell at the March For Our Lives, speaking.
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Meet Maxwell

My name is Maxwell Alejandro Frost and I’ve spent my life as an organizer, fighting for the future we deserve. I’m running for Congress because I know we won’t change the system until we change our leadership. It’s time for poor, working-class, and young people to have a seat at the table. As the first generation-z member of Congress, from day one, I will fight to end gun violence, win Medicare For All, transform our racist criminal justice system, and end the climate crisis. My campaign is about organizing a coalition of people behind a platform that represents their values and interests. 

I know how to hold power to account. As a National Organizer with the ACLU, I pushed Joe Biden to agree to abolish the Hyde Amendment, an act that has limited abortion access for millions of people. I organized in the movement that restored voting rights to 1.6 million Floridians with previous felonies. I’ve led thousands of young activists in the fight against gun violence as the National Organizing Director of March for Our Lives.


Issues and Solutions

Ending Gun Violence

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40,000 Americans die due to gun-related deaths each year. The most vulnerable members of our society account for the majority of those deaths. Mass violence has robbed my generation of our childhoods and cut many of our lives short. The attempts to simply regulate the sale of weapons haven’t worked. That’s why I support a holistic approach to gun violence, developed and championed by the Gun Violence Prevention movement. In Congress, I will work to

  • Ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

  • Require background checks for all gun sales.

  • Fund and support local community violence intervention programs, and ensure congress allocates at least $37 million to fully fund public research on gun violence.

  • Fight to end the corruption of the gun lobby and dismantle the NRA, and ensure our courts enforce licensing revocation for gun dealers and manufacturers who break the law.

  • Develop a national task force to end gun violence of which 25% of the membership is composed of youth and BIPOC representatives who are most affected by gun violence.

Medicare For All

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The United States has failed to provide a basic social minimum to its citizens. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us just how cruel and irrational employer-based private insurance is, leaving millions of newly unemployed Americans without care when they needed it most. Americans get sicker, die younger, and pay more for their healthcare than any of their peers in comparable nations. Death and sickness are driven by the greed of private insurers, the indifference of easily corrupted politicians, and wall street speculation. They keep America sick to line their pockets. We do not have a private healthcare system; we have an illness industry. Care must not be a consumer good. No American should gamble with their life or live in fear of losing their benefits. We must

  • Ensure that every person in America has comprehensive healthcare, with no co-pays, deductibles, or premiums -- we must abolish the illness industry.

  • Work to prevent pharmaceutical companies from price gouging by permitting federal drug price negotiation.

  • Heavily invest in the infrastructure of communities that have been left behind by the private healthcare system.

  • Expand healthcare to cover eyes, ears, dental, and mental healthcare and institute non-punitive, publicly funded treatment for those with substance abuse disorders.

Environmental Justice

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The greatest challenge facing our country and the world is the climate crisis. The effects of climate disasters are compounded by already existing inequalities of class and race. Frankly, the continuity of the species depends on whether or not we transition from a carbon-dependent economy to one which is powered by green technologies and green jobs. If there is a future, it is a green future. We cannot hesitate and we cannot let big-oil, big-business, and the 1% decide our fates for us. To tackle climate change we need to enact these bold policies now

  • Green New Deal and the Thrive Act.

  • Establish a civilian climate corps to provide good-paying jobs, build the robust no-carbon infrastructure we need to combat climate change.

  • Crackdown on corporations that heedlessly pollute our communities.

  • Ensure that every community has clean water, access to food, and clean air.

Reimagining Justice

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The billions of dollars in federal grants which flow from Washington DC to state prisons and police forces exacerbate the policing and prison crisis, encouraging more arrests, more aggressive prosecution, and unnecessary incarceration. The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, but nearly 25% of its prisoners. Beyond the cruelty of our policing and penal systems, mass incarceration contributes significantly to the American poverty rate, destroys the futures of its victims, and accelerates the cycles of violence it’s supposed to prevent. I will never support a policy that increases the incarceration rates. We need to take swift action now to build toward a future without prison. To do that we must

  • End all federal subsidies contributing to mass incarceration, demilitarize the police, and abolish the death penalty.

  • Fully fund community-led violence intervention programs nationwide.

  • Legalize Recreational Marijuana and expunge all marijuana convictions, and fully decriminalize sex work.

  • End sentencing, prosecutorial, and pre-trial practices that compound the cruelty of our justice system such as, mandatory minimums, cash bail, and coercive plea-bargaining.

  • Restore voting rights to all Americans including those currently incarcerated and ensure folks leaving the prison system have the support and resources to reintegrate into their communities and the economy.

Stopping the Next Pandemic

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Millions of people lost their lives and our country suffered a $16 trillion economic loss because of Covid-19. It is absolutely critical that we make serious investments in pandemic preparedness now in order to avoid the next pandemic, which could be even worse than our current one. 


As a member of Congress, I will do everything in my power to:

  • Ensure we pass Biden's Pandemic Preparedness Plan

  • Work to reduce biological risks that will help us prevent outbreaks in the first place and prevent outbreaks from becoming pandemics. ​​

  • Increase funding for Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and invest in prevention and preparedness R & D. This agency is the primary place where the federal government advances vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics. 

  • Develop systems that help us identify possible outbreaks and pandemics early, such as metagenomic sequencing and wastewater sampling, so that we can better contain them.

  • Create vaccines now that will protect us from future viruses. Developing these vaccines now will help us save countless lives. This will also help us greatly reduce the need for lockdowns and quarantines. 

  • Design better personal protective equipment that is reusable, sterilizable, and better minimizes the spread of a virus. 

  • Develop better, cheaper testing 

  • Increase oversight, update enforcement, and broaden the scope for Dual Use Research of Concern. 

This is a people-centered campaign that will win because of community support and volunteers.


Sign up and join the movement today. 

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Mobile alerts from Maxwell Frost For Congress. By submitting your cell phone number, you are agreeing to receive several text messages per month from the campaign. Carrier message and data rates may apply. Text HELP for more information. Text STOP to stop receiving messages.